Remote Deposit


Deposit without disruption

make deposits without ever leaving your office.

Now you can electronically deposit checks from your desktop in minutes. Using Remote Deposit Capture will provide you with convenience, savings, and reporting.

Just scan your checks with equipment we provide.


  • Fewer trips to the bank
  • No waiting in line
  • Increased safety with less likelihood of checks being lost or stolen
  • Deposits can be made after banking hours



  • Reduces time away from the office
  • Can eliminate the need for deposit slips
  • Reduces potential fraud
  • Quicker access to funds deposited


  • Simplified accounting and reconciliation
  • Detailed deposit reporting
  • Custom reports
  • Ability to export deposit information
  • Archived images


  • Just scan your checks with the equipment we provide
  • They will be automatically read and the deposit totaled
  • Then view your checks on your computer
  • It is as easy as clicking submit and your deposit is sent securely to the bank

Contact your branch manager or customer service representative. they will connect you with our remote deposit specialist.

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