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We were founded on two service principles upon which we continue to uphold:

Always listen to the needs of our customers, and keep the banking process as simple as possible

William F Easterlin

Meet Our CEO

William F. Easterlin, III President & CEO

“It is our responsibility to be responsive to business and individual banking needs in a way that values the relationships that we've developed over the past century.”

A great deal has happened since Queensborough National Bank & Trust was founded in 1902 as First National Bank of Louisiville in Louisville, Georgia. Our promise then was “great service and uncomplicated banking”. Over a century later, those values still hold. We’ve changed our name but never our promise. We were ahead of our time then and we are still a bank ahead of our time today. Our footprint stretches from Augusta to Savannah with 26 locations and potential for growth in the near future. Our President & CEO, Bill Easterlin, is a 4th generation CEO that takes great pride in preserving the bank’s history and founding core values. As a community bank, we offer all of the essential products and services you will find from larger banks including smartphone banking and a full array of on-line deposit capabilities. We take pride in our technology. But, the biggest difference is our attitude of service toward our customers at every level. We value relationships. We work for our customers and appreciate them. As automated as banking has become, we know that it is still a “people” business. We are Queensborough - Georgia’s Community Bank since 1902.


Meet the leaders on our Board of Directors and our Executive Management team.

William F. Easterlin, III

President, CEO

D. Phil Polhill, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Richard H. Peacock

Chief Credit Officer

William R. Thompson

Chief Loan Officer

Kimberly S. Kirk

Chief Operations Officer

Sheryl R. Reed, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Chief Human Resource Officer

Julie W. Evans

Corporate Secretary

Louisa Abbot

Board Member

J. Thomas Battle

Board Member

L.J. Bowles, III

Board Member

Gretchen B. Caughman, PhD

Board Member

W. Abbot Easterlin

Board Member

Thomas W. Jones, CPA

Board Member

Charles Troy Jordan

Board Member

Sam S. Pennington

Board Member

R. Joseph Pollock

Board Member

Charles E. Smith, Jr.

Board Member

Paul G. Trotter, DDS

Board Member

W. Jeffrey Weichsel

Board Member




Stockholder Letter

Last year, 2020, saw unusual activity in so many areas I am hard pressed to report the more significant events and their lasting effects on your bank. Let me focus first on the financial results which you can read in the accompanying annual report.

At first glance you can see that our size as measured by total assets jumped significantly from $1.22 billion to $1.65 billion, an increase of approximately 37%. This remarkable increase comes despite the pandemic and despite our branch doors being locked. Much of the growth comes from the several federal stimulus bills and especially from the Payroll Protection Program. But more importantly, we found many businesses who needed our help with the PPP process and most of those businesses from Savannah to Atlanta are now our newest customers. Let me give you an idea of how remarkable this growth truly is — our average branch has about $45 million in assets, thus our organic growth approximates some 10 new branches. And yet we have no new locations. A remarkable change due entirely to the efficiency and dedication of our many talented staff members.

You will next see that our loans increased more than 20% which is also very unusual. This increase is due primarily to the PPP program. You can read a more complete description of our participation in that much welcomed program in Footnote 3 on page 29 of this annual report.

Finally, you may see that our profits are down some 15%. This time last year I reported that the pandemic would likely have a significantly negative effect on our customers and perhaps cause losses in our loan portfolio. In anticipation, we increased our loan reserves by $4.1 million or 32%. I am pleased to report that, thus far, we have not seen the need to increase these reserves further as our Covid-related losses, thanks in large part to the federal stimulus bills, have been minimal.

Beyond our balance sheet and income statement, the pandemic brought in and accelerated other business and cultural changes, not the least of which is working from home. At the height of the pandemic fully 1/3 of our employees, some 125 people, worked remotely thus protecting themselves, their families and others. Additionally, our customers learned to use our mobile banking technologies, and starting this January, learned how to complete transactions via our Integrated Teller Machines, or as we call it, the QNBTNOW team.

A remarkable year, 2020 — the year of Covid. At the moment, millions of people are receiving the vaccine every day, including me. Cases of the disease are down significantly and folks are looking past the pandemic with the usual American fervor for the future. It is hard not to be optimistic about the coming months of recovery and economic growth. I know I am ready!


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Welcome to Queensborough National Bank and Trust, your destination for all of your banking needs.

We offer a wide range of banking services including personal banking, business banking, mortgage services, and wealth management. At Queensborough, we offer various financial services and banking products to our retail and corporate customers through a variety of channels.

Started in 1902 as the First National Bank and Trust Company, today Queensborough has over 25 locations spread across the state from Augusta to Savannah. We take pride in offering professional banker expertise coupled with a personal banker attitude while offering first-class customer services to our esteemed customers. At Queensborough, we provide state-of-the-art technology to make the banking experience the best it can be for our customers. Time and again, Queensborough National Bank and Trust has been recognized by its patrons for our trustworthy and reliable services.

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