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We were founded on two service principles upon which we continue to uphold:

Always listen to the needs of our customers, and keep the banking process as simple as possible

William F Easterlin

Meet Our CEO

William F. Easterlin, III President & CEO

“It is our responsibility to be responsive to business and individual banking needs in a way that values the relationships that we've developed over the past century.”

A great deal has happened since Queensborough National Bank & Trust was founded in 1902 as First National Bank of Louisiville in Louisville, Georgia. Our promise then was “great service and uncomplicated banking”. Over a century later, those values still hold. We’ve changed our name but never our promise. We were ahead of our time then and we are still a bank ahead of our time today. Our footprint stretches from Augusta to Savannah with 26 locations and potential for growth in the near future. Our President & CEO, Bill Easterlin, is a 4th generation CEO that takes great pride in preserving the bank’s history and founding core values. As a community bank, we offer all of the essential products and services you will find from larger banks including smartphone banking and a full array of on-line deposit capabilities. We take pride in our technology. But, the biggest difference is our attitude of service toward our customers at every level. We value relationships. We work for our customers and appreciate them. As automated as banking has become, we know that it is still a “people” business. We are Queensborough - Georgia’s Community Bank since 1902.


Meet the leaders on our Board of Directors and our Executive Management team.

William F. Easterlin, III

President, CEO

D. Phil Polhill, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Richard H. Peacock

Chief Credit Officer

William R. Thompson

Chief Loan Officer

Kimberly S. Kirk

Chief Operations Officer

Sheryl R. Reed, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Chief Human Resource Officer

Julie W. Evans

Corporate Secretary

Louisa Abbot

Board Member

J. Thomas Battle

Board Member

L.J. Bowles, III

Board Member

Gretchen B. Caughman, PhD

Board Member

Clare Easterlin, SPHR, SHRM-CP

Board Member

W. Abbot Easterlin, PA-C

Board Member

Thomas W. Jones, CPA

Board Member

Charles Troy Jordan

Board Member

Charles E. Smith, Jr.

Board Member

Paul G. Trotter, DDS

Board Member

Jermaine Whirl, EdD

Board Member




Stockholder Letter

This past year we saw change and progress for our bank. A full year ago, prior to the rapid rise in interest rates, I told you that we expected moderate asset growth coupled with a noticeable decline in earnings. Well, as normal when I try to predict the future, I was wrong. Our assets declined a bit as our earnings increased with higher interest rates. In addition to higher earnings, we have experienced a marked decrease in problem assets to near zero as well as solid growth in new loans. Plus, our plans to expand into new markets are coming to fruition.

Let me first address the recent turmoil you see in today's banking market and point out to you the differences between your bank and the banks in the news. As you know, Queensborough is a community bank serving the basic financial needs of Augusta, Savannah and the rural counties in between. These economies, and therefore your bank, are not involved in crypto-currency, tech startups or the venture capitalists that created the turmoil to begin with. We focus on the deposits and loans of small businesses that serve our area. The vast majority of our deposits are FDIC insured and virtually all of our loans are to financially capable customers. We are a diversified, sound, profitable, well‐capitalized, conservatively managed community bank. And we plan to stay that way. No specialty finance, no high-tech hocus-pocus, no national lending platform, just plain banking.

That focus on just plain banking resulted in another record year for profits for 2022 topping out at $19,217,000. The change in interest rates was beneficial to us at the start of the rate cycle; however, I expect our deposit rates to increase rapidly this year and so we may very well see a decline in profits despite a robust year of loan growth. We are excited to open a new branch this year in Hinesville, Georgia. I expect that Melissa Deal, our very capable and experienced market leader there will soon be recognized as a leader for the bank as well.

The rising interest rates are designed to slow the national economy and no doubt that will happen. However, we expect the Augusta and Savannah markets will continue to grow beyond the national trend. Your bank is in prime position to take advantage of that growth and we will do all we can to penetrate these markets as we have in the past. If you have the chance, please congratulate your bankers on another year of controlling risks while pushing the bank forward.

You may very well have questions about today's environment as it affects Queensborough National Bank. Please do not hesitate to call me as I am always willing to discuss banking in general and Queensborough in particular.

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