since 1902


Providing professional expertise and personal relationships.

As regional banks have dissolved or been bought up by even larger banks, many of the best and brightest bankers have sought out a place to work where long-term relationships were valued over short-term gains.

that place is queensborough.

100+ years of history

It is the name of one of the original townships established by Irish immigrants during the mid 1700s in Jefferson County. The Irishmen started the town on the edge of the Ogeechee River, just south of present day Louisville. We chose the name in tribute to the wonderful history of Jefferson County and the surrounding areas. Over these many years, Q has fluorished, geographically and financially, despite a variety of challenges.

professional expertise

We are delighted to provide the professional banker expertise you need with a personal banker attitude you want. Q has a footprint that extends from Augusta to Savannah with over 25 locations. You will find that we are a bank where state of the art technology and first class customer service co-exist. Come on in and meet with your community Q-branch banker today.

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The Queensborough Story

It all began in 1902. The place was Louisville, Georgia. It was then and there that First National Bank and Trust Company established itself as an independent bank with a strong commitment to customer appreciation and community involvement.

In 2006, we changed our name to Queensborough National Bank & Trust Company. As we expanded our branch offices into neighboring Georgia counties, we encountered other banks with similar names which only caused confusion among our customers. We then decided to adopt the name of our parent company.

Queensborough: a unique name for a unique bank.

We were founded on two service principles upon which we continue to uphold:

always listen to the needs of our customers,
and keep the banking process as simple as possible.

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