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Jamie Pierce

Vice President
NMLS#: 777302 P: (706) 869 6974
F: (706) 869 8610

4226 Columbia Road
Martinez, GA 30907

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About Jamie

Jamie is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's degree in Real Estate Finance and is a native Augustan. Jamie's loan expertise includes:

VA, Conventional, FHA, Construction Loans, Lot Financing, Home Equity Lines of Credit, USDA, First-time homebuyer specialty products including Home Possible & Home Ready. 

Jamie was awarded the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia Gold Award for 2005, 2009 – 2014 and Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia Platinum Award for 2015-2019 & 2022.  Jamie also received the Diamond Award from 2020-2021.  He was also awarded the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia Presidents Award as well as the Mortgage Banker of the Year Award for the Augusta Chapter in 2011. He has served as the Augusta Chapter 1st and 2nd Vice President as well as President of the chapter. Jamie has been in mortgage lending since 2003 and with Queensborough National Bank & Trust since 2006. 

Jamie is married to Birdy & they have two children, Finley & Beckett.  When not serving his mortgage customers Jamie serves his local church, TrueNorth Church, as a worship leader. 

Gold Pierce Award Platinum Pierce Award Diamond Pierce Award

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Queensborough National Bank & Trust NMLS# 736995.

Below is a list of our loan officers and their NMLS numbers.

Adams, Vicki
NMLS# 1114297

Allen, Dennis
NMLS# 777267

Allen, Erica
NMLS# 777300

Anderson, Vicki
NMLS# 811057

Austin, Ken
NMLS# 777270

Bailey, Tonya
NMLS# 777273

Baine, David
NMLS# 2593013

Baird, Lewis
NMLS# 777274

Barr, Christopher
NMLS# 888990

Beier, Jr., Bernard
NMLS# 1564191

Bennett, Charles
NMLS# 777277

Blair, Robert
NMLS# 827984

Blume, Nick
NMLS# 462380

Blume, Patrick
NMLS# 2097307

Bowles, Lucretia
NMLS# 777278

Bradshaw, Stephen
NMLS# 1488084

Browning, Tina
NMLS# 973929

Bullington, David
NMLS# 777280

Callis, Jennie
NMLS# 2302533

Clark, Catina
NMLS# 1476763

Cole, Lucretia
NMLS# 411798

Cummings, Ronica R.
NMLS# 1679046

Darrisaw, Creshauna
NMLS# 797373

Dart, Brian
NMLS# 652499

Deal, Melissa
NMLS# 2425589

Dorn, Jeff
NMLS# 462429

Downs, Mallory
NMLS# 2399203

Eckles, Cliff
NMLS# 777285

Edenfield, Carpii
NMLS# 1677681

Ellison, Chris
NMLS# 1932672

English, Mike
NMLS# 777288

Ethridge, Mary Ann
NMLS# 546319

Ford, Dustin
NMLS# 721116

Goetzman, Jordan
NMLS# 1387020

Goodin, John
NMLS# 546157

Wolfe Goodwin, Abby
NMLS# 673842

Harris, Adam
NMLS# 1204572

Harris, Keasha
NMLS# 465935

Jackson, John L.
NMLS# 777295

Johnson, Juddy
NMLS# 777920

Jones, Charles
NMLS# 148646

Jordan, Leigh
NMLS# 1683225

Lawrence, Andy
NMLS# 768146

Mabery, John E.
NMLS# 777296

Massingale, Walter
NMLS# 460747

McFarland, Jennifer J.
NMLS# 2580227

Meeks, Mickey
NMLS# 2567321

Mize, Robert
NMLS# 2092035

Moore, Beth
NMLS# 777298

Myers, Jack
NMLS# 777299

Patel, Ritik
NMLS# 2600247

Pierce, Jamie
NMLS# 777302

Piper, Michelle
NMLS# 405537

Posey, Jennifer
NMLS# 777304

Quick, Sheryl
NMLS# 777305

Sauls, Benjamin T.
NMLS# 777309

Sharpe, Dagan
NMLS# 1204531

Steverson, Dexter
NMLS# 645043

Tankersley, Ben
NMLS# 657165

Thompson, William R.
NMLS# 777312

Thurman, Robert
NMLS# 777313

Troupe, Paula
NMLS# 462366

Walker, Nancy L.
NMLS# 2266829

Warfield, Greg
NMLS# 490480

Watson, Tom
NMLS# 1506128

Weaver, Heather
NMLS# 1740108

Wilson, Jan
NMLS# 777316

Yonchak, Daniel
NMLS# 1369654

Young, Stewart
NMLS# 777319

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