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Seven Tips To Save Money In 2017

Published on December 30, 2016

Seven Tips To Save Money In 2017

The holidays are a time of shopping, spending and giving. They are typically not a time of planning for saving in the coming year.  However, as you look ahead to 2017, you might find yourself seeking tools to get your budget under control and start a comprehensive savings plan.  Here are some great ideas to help you get your plan underway.

  1. Set a goal – Creating a tangible goal gives you a benchmark for which to strive. Often, individuals looking to start saving skip this step. Without a realistic goal, you could be setting yourself up for failure before the year even begins.
  2. Carefully choose your savings vehicle – There are many options to help you start saving money. Some are great and some come with hidden fees and stringent rules. Be sure to read the fine print so you get the best option for your specific needs. Check out our personal services page for more information.
  3. Create automatic savings – Even those with the best intentions can skip saving a couple months if it is not automatically built into their financial plans. Set up automatic draws from your paycheck every month so that you don’t give saving a second thought.
  4. Plan for emergencies – Your savings account should not be the place you go in the event of an emergency. Create a special account to cover life’s unforeseen situations so that your savings can be tucked away for future use.
  5. Know what you are spending – Know how much you are spending each month (and how much you should be spending) and adjust as needed. Your monthly budget should be set based on your known financial obligations compared to how much you are bringing in each month.
  6. Use technology – There are many great apps available to help you keep track of your savings goals. Consider using these helpful tools to keep your savings plan on target.
  7. Give yourself grace – Sometimes, starting a savings plan can feel like going on a diet. But just like dieting, when you get a bit off track, give yourself a break, and then get back on track so you are able to reach your goals!

At Queensborough National Bank and Trust, we are here to help you reach your savings goal. Contact us for more information about the best savings tools for your needs.

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