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Why choose local for your mortgage?

Published on October 25, 2022

Why choose local for your mortgage?

When selecting a bank, there are many choices between local versus major, nation-wide and online institutions. It's critical to find services, loan products, and rates that meet your needs. So, how does the size of the institution make a difference?

Besides keeping more money in your community for local businesses and individuals to borrow, there are many reasons to choose a local bank, such as Queensborough National Bank & Trust, including the following:

  • Convenience: Local banks work with you and see you as a person, not just an account. This is something we have built into our DNA.
  • Cost: Local, smaller institutions often have lower fees and you’re much more likely for flexibility in the case of a misunderstanding.
  • Services: Small institutions cater to local residents and businesses. So, you’re more likely to find products that benefit you locally than at a megabank.
  • Community: Banks such as Queensborough support the local economy as well as local philanthropies. The money you pay back on a loan, for example, might end up in your neighbor’s home remodeling or car loan.

Trusted by Industry Professionals

"I've never seen the real estate industry like this before, where the lack of inventory on the ground for homebuyers, and especially first-time homebuyers, is just terrible. There are bidding wars on almost any house that looks good. It’s really hurting first-time buyers and that's our biggest struggle. But we fight for our customers, and that’s something you don’t get at a big bank.” - John Mabery, SVP of Mortgage at QNBT

Local Realtors know that local lenders are more agile than national banks. Plus, you can pick up the phone and know who you’re talking to on the other side of the line. On the other hand, nation-wide banks typically have long wait times and centralized call handling, which is about as far as you can get from local representation.

Some Realtors will not recommend a nation-wide bank because of the questionable service and difficulty getting them to commit to a timeline. This is where Queensborough has a huge advantage over other lenders. We handle everything in-house and can always track down an answer for you.

Closing attorneys and real estate agents have commented on how often major, nation-wide banks miss closing dates — even after they've committed to one.

"The biggest thing that I hear from realtors about these larger lenders is they can't make the closing date. They say yes, they can close on this date, but they don’t make it. That is what we've heard from Realtors and even closing attorneys. Big banks are so busy they just can't guarantee that they can make that closing date." - John Mabery

Trusted by Our Customers

We believe that we have the best team in Augusta when it comes to providing financial services and courteous, efficient service. We work hard to create relationships by actually speaking with our customers. Perhaps more importantly, we do everything in-house, so you know that things will get done quickly.

Many Ways to Reach Your Local Banker

Here are just some of the ways you can reach out to a Queensborough banker:

Speak with your local mortgage officers at Queensborough National Bank & Trust for the savings, attention, and service you deserve!


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Author: Sarah Beth McMillan

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